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      Prime Rug Cleaning Sydney is an eminent name in the rug and carpet cleaning service industry. Our team of experienced cleaners and technicians have expertise in cleaning rugs of different shapes, sizes and colours. Just as every piece of rug and carpet is unique in design and make the cleaning solutions used for carpet rug cleaning services is unique which makes us the best rug cleaner in Sydney. The carpet cleaning solutions offered by us are eco-friendly and fully safe for your family, pets and employees. Our teams are available throughout the week to provide our services to you. Hence, you do not need to worry about the deliverables. Get in touch with our technical support team first to get a quote. Just call us on 0480029218. We will make sure that our team arrives at your doorstep to get your rugs and carpets in their original shining condition. Our team of highly trained technicians and cleaners have made us the Rug Cleaning Specialists of Sydney.

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        Why Choose Prime Rug Cleaning Sydney

        Prime Rug Cleaning Sydney have extensive experience in the carpet cleaning industry. The technicians equipped with impressive know-how and availability of high-end cleaning technologies provide the best rug cleaning outcomes.

        • Affordable Rug Cleaning Services: We provide the most affordable rug dry cleaning, and carpet rug cleaning services to our customers all across Sydney.
        • Emergency Rug Cleaning Services: We understand that emergencies can hit our customers’ residences anytime. Hence we have started our emergency rug cleaning services that will also provide same day services to our customers at no extra costs.
        • Licensed Professionals: Our cleaners and technicians are licensed and work hard keeping themselves in line with the industry standards.
        • Extend the lifespan of the rug: Our customized cleaning solutions not only deep clean the carpet but also refresh the look and feel of your rugs while extending the life of the rugs.
        • Industry Experience: Our impressive experience in the carpet cleaning industry has made us an industry leader with an equally impressive customer base.
        • High- End Technology: High-end technology used for the carpet rug cleaning services helps deliver finest results to our customers.

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          Professional carpet cleaning services

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            Cleaning agents and chemicals used by Prime Rug Cleaning Sydney are non-toxic, eco-friendly solutions as well as pet-friendly. They won’t cause any allergic reactions on your family members suffering from any allergies.

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            Cleaning technicians have expertise and requisite training to do the cleaning job with efficiency.

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            Rug cleaning when done professionally contributes to extending its lifespan and preservation. Its shine and appearance gets enhanced too.

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            Professional carpet cleaning services have high-power drying equipment which dries the carpet in no time.

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            Stubborn and old stains on the carpet because of dropping vegetable curry, wine or any other edible item is effectively removed by the professional team at Prime Rug Cleaning Sydney.

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          Professional Rug Cleaning Service

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          Standard Rug Cleaning Process

          Our cleaning experts at Prime Rug Cleaning Sydney make use of the following steps keeping in mind the carpet size and fabric to clean your rugs or carpets. That is done to ensure the quality and fabric of the rugs and carpets given to us remain intact.


          Inspection is an essential step in the rug and carpet cleaning procedure. Through this step our team comes to know the exact damage that has been caused inside the rugs and carpets. So that they are able to make use of the most appropriate and suitable carpet cleaning method for it.

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          After getting to understand the exact cause and location of the damage inside the rug fabric, our technicians will vacuum the rug. That will be required for removing the dirt particles, mud, and loose soil on the surfaces.

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          Hot Water Extraction

          Hot water extraction method eliminates the remaining pollutants and dirt from the carpets. According to this method, a pre-spray shampoo is applied on the carpet and kept on for 20 minutes for taking out the dirt, bacteria and germs from the fabric. Hot water solution mixed with an emulsifier is applied on the carpet.

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          Drying Procedure

          our technicians make sure to dry your rug and carpet diligently. Because if they are left even little damp, they are susceptible to develop mold. Our technicians use drying equipment that speeds up the drying process and eliminates any chances of mold and bacteria coming back on it. This step ensures that the quality and safety of the carpet is retained.


          This is the final step in the carpet rug cleaning service procedure. This step ensures the previous damage, stains, dirt and odour are removed leaving the carpet in a pleasant and lustrous state. If there is still any spot left to clean out, then that is done immediately.


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          Deep cleaning is possible if you have the right equipment and carpet cleaning knowledge at your disposal. Otherwise, it is always sensible to get professional assistance at one click from Prime Rug Cleaning Sydney.

          Check the carpet for any tag attached to it to find out the correct cleaning agent for washing it at home. That ensures that the chemicals do not ruin the carpet fibre or its colour.

          The pricing of all carpet cleaning services Prime Rug Cleaning Sydney is kept extremely affordable. The prices are charged according to the damage done, the carpet size and carpet fabric. However, getting the carpets cleaned from professionals is much more affordable than the costs of replacing it with a new one. Call us today to get a quote from our team.

          Professionals and industry experts consider carpet steam cleaning as the best and complete process as it takes out odours, smells and germs easily.

          It is best to let the carpets dry for 6-8 hours before stepping on them. Walking on them may cause the fibers to flatten. You can also make use of air movers to help air circulation and help speed up the drying process. Also it is advised to not place any furniture back on the carpet till the carpet gets dried completely.

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