Are Rug Cleaner Machines Effective for Cleaning Persian Rugs?

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No doubt Persian rugs are breathtakingly beautiful. Their vibrant colours and designs change the entire room’s vibe. We understand that every rug owner wants to keep their flooring clean and in good condition. However, one needs to be careful with such delicate and rare fabrics. In this guide, you will learn what measures you can take to make your flooring clean and long-lasting.

Can You Clean a Persian Rug with a Cleaning Machine?

The shortest answer is – no. Persian rugs are delicate, and their natural threads can get tangled in a machine. Vacuuming cleaners work well to remove dirt and dust from the flooring. However, buying a washing machine or similar tool for cleaning a Persian rug is a total waste. You won’t only spend on the device but also on replacing your valuable flooring.

Instead of using machines, here is what else you can do:

1. Sweep and Vacuum the Rug

Floorings can undergo a lot of wear and tear. If you have a Persian rug in a high-traffic area, we suggest you sweep it every end of the day and have a weekly vacuuming schedule. Use upholstery attachments and soft brushes to remove grit regularly. Vacuuming once a month or six months won’t yield any results. Dirt and filth are invisible to our eyes, but they make room for themselves in the thread gaps of carpetings. These particles then hold on to other pollutants and invite germs. To avoid this long chain that causes the wearing of your rug, vacuum and sweeps the flooring.

2. Remove Stains and Odours

No one loves stains and dirty patches on their rug. Floorings’ one of the primary purposes is to decore the room and make it look more appealing. But, with a muddy patch or stains, the flooring acts precisely the opposite of what you expected. Spots also attract germs, bacteria and more dirt. So, make sure you remove a stain as soon as you spot one. You can also hire Persian rug cleaners to do this job.

Stains are visible and can give the wrong impression, but a damp or urine odour can worsen the situation. It spoils the vibe of the place. No one can stand a nasty smell. So, always keep your rugs clean and avoid odour.

3. Maintain Your Flooring’s Condition

To keep your rug for the long run, you should learn some cleaning hacks. Anyone can vacuum the flooring twice a week or use a doormat, remove their shoes outside, etc. These little things matter when you want your carpeting to last longer. Also, train your pets not to damage the carpeting with their nails or urination habits. Because many rug owners follow all these tips and their beloved furry friends ruin the floorings.

So, never let harsh machines damage the delicate fibres of a Persian rug. Take care of your flooring, and it will take care of you! Remember these tips and hire professional Persian rug cleaners for deep cleaning, repairs and inspection.

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