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It always feels good to have an authentic rug at your office. However, if you fail to keep your commercial rug clean, it will be a problem. A dirty flooring won’t fulfil its purpose. Read this post further for tips by experts for top-notch commercial rug maintenance.

Keep Your Commercial Rug Clean with Following Tips

1. Selecting the Correct Rug

Cleaning your workplace rug begins before its installation. Many people come and go during the day; thus, the workplace is a shoe-on environment. Get a rug in a neutral hue such as brownish or grey that will cover stains and be easy to clean. Furthermore, removing spots from these rugs is simple; all you should do is eliminate the extra liquid from your flooring as soon as possible with a clean piece of fabric. Then, using a cloth, rinse it with a spot rug cleaner. That will keep the stain from setting in for good.

2. Keeping Dirt Off the Surface

The majority of office workers eat and drink during their lunch periods. One of the most crucial variables to unclean carpets is food and beverages. As a result, attempt to set up spaces for meals. These spaces should not be upholstered, and a trash can should be placed nearby for commercial rug maintenance.

3. Deep Cleaning is an option.

Even with the greatest vacuum cleaner, you won’t be able to remove 100% of debris and grime from your rug with regular vacuuming. That’s where a thorough cleaning comes in handy. While you should deep clean your home carpet once or twice a year, you should deep clean your workplace rug 3 – 4 times a year. If you have a lot of foot traffic, though, the rugs can be cleaned once a month. Keeping your commercial rug clean removes debris in the flooring and beneath the rug.

 4. Vacuum your rug regularly

Vacuuming your rug regularly is the main factor in extending the product life and maintaining its appearance. Vacuuming your rug not only keeps it clean before the annual thorough cleaning but also keeps it from wearing out too quickly due to dirt buildup. Vacuum your rug every day, paying special attention to areas with a lot of foot traffic. For instance, in locations with higher-than-average foot traffic or during inclement weather, such as winter, you may need to vacuum multiple times per day.

5. Make a Commercial Rug Maintenance Schedule

Before you plan your routine maintenance, make a floor plan for your office. You could use a warning system, with red indicating high traffic areas, yellow indicating medium traffic areas, and green indicating low traffic areas. After that, you can determine how often each section would be cleaned.

6. As soon as possible, get rid of rug stains.

To instil confidence in your consumers, keep your work areas clean and orderly at all times. Your staff should feel more at ease in your workplace as well. However, stains are unavoidable, no matter how much you wish they didn’t. Some coffee or ink may spill on the carpet. If this occurs, you should wait until the next major rug cleaning project before attempting to remove the stains, as they can be tricky to eliminate in the long run.

7. Hire professionals for commercial rug maintenance

To get your commercial rug clean and fresh, always rely on professionals. These experts are trained and experienced in treating all types of floorings.

So, follow these commercial rug maintenance tips and take care of your valuable flooring!

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