How to Power Wash Your Area Rugs?

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Power Wash Your Area Rugs 

A classy area rugs levels up the brightening decore in your home or office. However, even with regular vacuuming, your rugs can get dirty and lose their charm. To restore the beauty, you have to power clean the area rug with the help of a pressure washer. Here is how you can do it:

You’ll need to find a large enough area to clean your rug that can become wet and soapy without the flooring coming into touch with dust, dirt or mud. Because utilising a pressure washer indoors isn’t the best idea, any clean spot outdoors will suffice. A concrete space is the best option, but if you have a wooden deck, that’s even better.

Flip your rug upside down and thoroughly sweeps it to remove any loose hair or dirt. Then, take a moment to locate all of the stubborn unclean places and use a light washing gel. Make cautious not to use too much gel — even the gentlest gel might cause discolouration in your rug if used excessively.

After a minute, gently brush the places with a soft-bristle brush or cotton towel to examine the stains. If the spots are still there, wait a minute more. That aids the stain remover in its work, preventing your rug from discolouration.

Prepare a Cleaning Solution 

Fill a bowl halfway with water and the recommended amount of detergent to make the solution. It is important to note that you should only use detergents appropriate for your rug – using anything else may have negative consequences. You should be able to locate the necessary information on the internet. Soak your flooring in your solution for around 10 minutes. If your rug is sensitive, such as a wool rug, keep it to a maximum of 5 minutes. A synthetic flooring can withstand 10 minutes of exposure.

The Cleaning Procedure

Press the nozzle of your washer carefully over your rug to remove dirt and dust and clear out stains. Be careful to go over the entire flooring with your cleaner. If your flooring is large, you can step upon it barefoot — shoes would ruin the rug. Be mindful of the possibility of slipping and falling.

After washing your rug with water, properly rinse it to remove all of the soap, leaving it lovely and shining. Make sure that you rinse all of the rug’s surface and that no traces of soap remain.

Find a clean area to dry your rug where it won’t be disturbed by the wind, which can blow all kinds of filth back onto it. Many people choose to use clotheslines for this purpose since your rug may dry in the sun. Sun-drying your rug is the most suggested drying method since it produces the best results. If any scents remain, this procedure will remove them, allowing your rug to smell fresh and clean for a longer time.

If you want to save the hassle, connect with professional rug cleaners. These professionals will safely clean your rug without any complications. Hurry up!

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