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Rugs are important pieces of upholstery & to maintain them rug owners often prefer vacuuming them. But seldom do they know that vacuuming isn’t enough to maintain rugs in a pristine state for a long time; especially for office rugs as they go through a lot of foot-friction. Seeking help from reliable experts like Prime Rug Cleaning Sydney for a full-proof commercial rug cleaning Sydney is a must.

3 main reasons vacuuming is not enough for your rugs:


Vacuuming does not deep-clean

Vacuum cleaners for residential purposes cannot extract all the dirt & dust lying deep inside the rug. Over time rug traps pet dander, pollens, allergens, dust mites, mold growth & germs of all kinds into its fabric; these can be extracted only with a high-tech dirt extractor that experts use at Prime Rug Cleaning Sydney. Removing germs & dirt beneath the rug is crucial as it improves the appearance of your rug while ensuring the circulation of cleaner air in your home.

Vacuuming does not remove stains

Spills & accidents around rugs are common, particularly if you have pets & children at home. Although vacuuming the ruined space can help extract soils, debris, or other particles it cannot remedy the discoloration & stains left behind. Hence if you have a stained rug make sure you hire commercial rug cleaners for stain removal instead of relying on vacuum cleaners.

Vacuuming cannot prevent odor

Only the hot water extraction technique of commercial rug cleaning services can help get rid of the odor. Vacuum cleaners are functioned to extract dirt & germs from the surface, they cannot remove the odor that comes with a moth influx, mold growth, or any kind of food spill. Deodorization treatment post-professional commercial rug cleaning for odor removal is necessary.

Rugs at offices are subjected to more damage as compared to home rugs hence they need to be professionally treated at least twice a year. And until you hire experts for commercial rug cleaning Sydney make sure you vacuum them every alternate day just don’t completely rely on vacuuming in an attempt to make your rug fresh, hygienic & beautiful.

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