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      Commercial rug cleaning Sydney – Commercial establishments need to be cleaned regularly, not just to create a hygienic working space for the employees but also to ensure that the office looks spotless for the clients and visitors. Commercial offices in Sydney are bound to experience high traffic, resulting in dirty rugs and carpets too often. Therefore, you need to clean rugs time-to-time. Dirt, dust, and other foreign particles trapped with the rug fibers hinder the indoor air quality and spoil the overall look.

      Prime Rug Cleaning Sydney is a premier professional carpet and rug cleaning experts for commercial rug cleaning in Sydney and its surroundings. With over 20 years of experience in cleaning carpets and rugs, we offer a comprehensive range of superior domestic and commercial rug cleaning services. From hot water extraction to stain removal, we can do it all. We understand you are busy, thus our experts are happy to pick up the rug from your place at your convenience, clean and drop them, saving your time. We offer professional rug pick-up and delivery services across Sydney.

      Qualified & Trained Commercial Rug Cleaners

      When you run a business, leave all the secondary tasks such as commercial rug cleaning to Prime Rug Cleaning Sydney. Being Sydney’s best rug cleaning service providers, we use highly advanced and safe rug cleaning techniques to restore them to their original condition.

      We are a 100% locally run business offering highly professional and reliable commercial rug cleaning services. Sydney experiences a lot of commercial cleaning traffic, and our technicians are qualified and trained to tackle every job effectively. We are happy to schedule a rug cleaning service at a time that does not disrupt your business hours. Feel free to call on 0480029218 and speak to one of our commercial rug cleaners or request a quote.

      Commercial Rug Cleaning Service

      Expert Commercial Rug Cleaning Services Sydney

      There is no single magic solution or a cleaning product that can clean all types of rugs and remove stains. Being experts in commercial rug cleaning services Sydney, we understand the difference between different types of rug fabric such as silk, wool, cotton, synthetic, viscose, and others. Our technicians are trained and use specialised professional-grade cleaning products and high-quality equipment to clean carpets and rugs. We not only clean rugs but offer rug stain removal, rug restoration, rug repair, and other services. Whether your rug in your office has stains or looks dull, we have professional rug cleaning techniques that can restore the rug to its pristine condition.

      With over two decades of cleaning experience, we have established a systematic rug cleaning process. We start the rug cleaning process with a thorough inspection to find all the places that need special attention and ensure that the rug does not get damaged by water. Then our professional rug cleaners take the rug to the wash pit to eliminate all types of stains, dirt, grit, and odor. Next, we use a centrifuge machine to effectively dry the rugs. Finally, we brush and groom the rug to make them look fresh. We even apply a layer of non-toxic fabric protectors to protect your carpets from future stains and make cleaning your carpets easier.

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      • Over 20 years of professional service
      • Reliable, efficient, and honest service
      • Eco-friendly and safe for your family and pets
      • Australian government safety clearance
      • Recommended cleaners by leading carpet/rug manufacturers across Australia
      • Experienced and qualified technicians
      • Prompt service

      Prime Rug Cleaning Sydney has attained ISO Certification. 

      Your assurance that our system meets environmental responsibilities and standards.

      Commercial carpet and rug cleaning

      Prime Rug Cleaning Sydney is the industry leader in sustainable commercial carpet and rug cleaning. We have been awarded the National Sustainable Carpet and Rug Cleaning Company.

      Recognised for sustainable cleaning methods, equipment, practice environment, and health impact while reducing carbon emissions.

      If you consider sustainability as an essential factor in your business, then we are the answer to your needs. Our new sustainable rug and carpet cleaning system have revolutionised the way commercial rugs can be maintained and cleaned.

      We are the only commercial rug cleaning Sydney company with sustainable equipment.

      Commercial Rug Cleaning Service

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      We treat your rugs and carpets as our own. We offer gentle yet effective service to ensure no damage to the fibers, colour, or quality of the rug. Our cleaning technique deeply penetrates the rug fibers and removes even the toughest stains. If you call us for commercial rug cleaning services Sydney, you get decades of professional and practical experience at your disposal. We assure you that you will get your rug back feeling softer, looking better than ever. Just dial 0480029218 to get a quote from Prime Rug Cleaning Sydney team. We also offer Persian rug cleaning services in sydney

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      Why should I hire a professional rug cleaner?

      Rug cleaners are trained and have the required knowledge to clean and protect your rugs. They are equipped with the latest equipment to effectively clean the rugs. At Prime Rug Cleaning, we use our special rug cleaning equipment to deeply clean and sanitize the rugs. Plus, we use a centrifugal machine to dry the rugs and eliminate the risk of mould growth. Get in touch with us to get the best professional rug cleaning service.

      Can I clean rugs by myself?

      For minor spills, you can try and remove spots, but for coffee stains, tea stains, red wine stains, or cola stains, call a professional as DIY methods cannot remove these tough stains. You can regularly clean your rugs to reduce the frequency of professional rug cleaners.

      When to call a professional rug cleaner?

      If your rug has heavy staining, water damage, foul smell, soiling from ingrained dirt, it is best to call a professional to look at it. We have the appropriate equipment and chemical to ensure that your rugs are cleaned without causing damage or making the issue worse.

      What if the rug is too dirty to clean?

      Sometimes, we feel that rugs are too damaged to be restored. Call us, our technicians will inspect them and offer you a good indication if they can be restored or not. Our technicians are trained and qualified to restore even the highly damaged rugs to their original condition.

      What is the cost of commercial rug cleaning services?

      The price of a commercial rug cleaning service depends on the size of the office, services, and damage. Prime Rug Cleaning Sydney offers the best commercial rug cleaning services at the most affordable price. Call on 0480029218 and request an on-call quote.

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