Rug Repair Sydney

      Rugs do not have to be handled badly to repair or restore. Over time, a rug experiences harsh treatment due to heavy foot traffic, accidental spills, and pet damages. Most important, rugs are not fixed to the floor like the carpet, resulting in frequent movements. It may cause several issues depending on the quality of the rug, size of the rug, and the floor it sits on.

      Professional Rug Cleaning Services Sydney

      We believe that rug restoration and repairs should always be performed by experienced technicians, those who have studied various techniques and implemented intricate procedures for years.

      At Prime Rug Cleaning Sydney, we feel that we are born to do clean rugs. Our team has restored and repaired valuable and antique rugs for decades, returning them to their original condition. We understand that the rug cleaning process needs to be consistent with the original make-up of the rug to retain its durability and beauty.

      Rug Washing Perth

      Rug Repair and Rug Restoration

      Having your rugs and carpets repaired is not a process for inexperienced technicians, as even a small damage can quickly turn into worse. There are so many different types of rug fibers, colour, and styles. With fringes and edging, one needs to know the appropriate method to clean and repair it. We believe that every issue is different. Thus, our technicians offer tailored rug repair Sydney and rug cleaning services sydney. Please do not attempt to restore your valuable rug by yourself.

      Our team of experts is qualified and trained to restore and repair all types of rugs. We repair all major and minor damages – from large holes to irregularities in colour and thickness. We are capable of restoring rugs to their original condition.

      • All types of rug fibres
      • Fringe replacement or repair
      • Fringe whitening
      • Colour fade repair
      • Moth damage repair
      • Binding repair
      • Holes and tears repair
      • Oriental rug cleaning
      • Persian rug cleaning
      • Overall restoration

      We repair all type of rugs, including:

      • Oriental rug repair and cleaning services
      • Persian rug repair and cleaning services
      • Woollen rug repair and cleaning services
      • Cotton rug repair and cleaning services
      • Wool mix rug repair and cleaning services acrylic
      • Synthetic rug repair and cleaning services
      • Natural fibre rug repair and cleaning services
      • Shag rug repair and cleaning services
      • Flokati rug repair and cleaning services
      • Braided rug repair and cleaning services
      Professional Rug Cleaning Perth

      What is the need to repair the rugs?

      There are a few simple reasons why you should consider rug repair and rug restoration services:

       Add new life to your rugs: A damaged rug will depreciate at a high rate.

      Increase the value of your rugs: A hand-woven carpet with organic colors in mint condition will always increase the value of the house.

      Keep them as a work of art: Antique rugs or the rugs created over 100 years are highly valued pieces of art with rich cultural significance. Always keep them that way.

      Rug Washing and Rug Cleaning Services Sydney

      Prime Rug Cleaning is Sydney’s only professional rug cleaning service provider that specialises in cleaning, restoring and rug washing.

      We do not clean only rugs, we even clean and repair carpets, upholstery, tiles, and grouts. We have a dedicated team of professionals who are trained and have vast experience in cleaning and rug washing. We use up-to-date solutions, techniques, and products to offer you the best possible results.

      We even offer rug steam and rug dry cleaning service in Sydney and its surroundings. Our rug steam cleaner understands different rugs fibers and uses the most appropriate method to clean your rugs. So, if you are looking for the best steam cleaning service, then hiring our rug steam cleaner will be the best thing to do.

      Rug Cleaning Process

      Step 1: Rug Inspection: Our expert technicians thoroughly inspect the rugs before starting the cleaning process. This even includes consultation with the clients if required.

      Step 2: Pre-Wash: We remove the dry soil, dirt, grime, dander, hair, and other foreign particles from the rugs. We even use appropriate products to remove chewing gums, wax, stain, foul smell, etc., from your precious rugs.

      Step 3: Washing: Our technicians understand the value of your rugs and always run a colour test before starting the cleaning process. We hand wash the rugs using an eco-friendly product to maintain the quality of the rugs. Further, we even gently clean the fringes to avoid any damage to them. Finally, the rugs are rinsed with water to remove the residue of cleaning products.

      Step 4: Drying and Grooming: At Prime Rug Cleaning Sydney, we follow a controlled drying process that helps in retaining the rug’s springy soft texture and reduces the drying time.

      Step 5: Vacuuming and Restoring the Rug’s Pile: Lastly, our technicians vacuum the rugs to make the rugs as soft and comfortable as before. Later, our rug cleaners inspect the rug for one last time to ensure that all the issues are resolved.

      Here are some points to consider when considering a repair or restoration job:

      You should always repair small damages: If you notice minor irregularities, it is better to fix them at the earliest. If they are ignored, they can turn into a big and expensive issue.

      Constantly keep a check on the edges of the rugs: They are most prone to ripping and tearing. Repair them at the first sign of damage.

      Monitor the level of humidity: Humidity can cause severe damage to the rug. We recommend people who live in high humidity areas such as Sydney to regularly air the rugs to reduce the moisture in them.

      Tightly Woven: Compared to others, rugs that have been interwoven with a stiff loom tend to wear out quickly. Restoration of such rugs can rectify the issue.


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      What is the cost of repairing rugs?

      The price for repairing rugs depends on various factors such as type of damage, size of rugs, type of rug, and more. Prime Rug Cleaning Sydney is committed to offering superior rug cleaning service at the lowest price. Call on 0480029218 and request an on-call quote.

      Is it required to repair the rugs?

      Rugs need to be repaired periodically to maintain their pristine condition. If minor issues are ignored, they can turn into a big or expensive issue.

      Do you repair damaged fringes?

      Yes, we repair damaged rug fringes. Our technicians are trained and have the latest tools to fix damaged edges. Call on 0480029218 to know more about the services.

      Do cleaning products damage the rugs?

      We use eco-friendly cleaning products that are tested, government-approved, and safe for all types of rugs. Get in touch with our technicians to get the best rug cleaning service in Sydney.

      Are your rug steam cleaners certified?

      Yes, all our rug cleaners are certified and have vast experience in cleaning rugs.

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